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James O. Page papers
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Series 1: James O. Page materials. 1949-2004.

Scope and Content

The contents of this series encompass the various aspects of Page’s work, such as his service with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, his directorship of various statewide EMS networks, his television projects, his work as an educator and public speaker, his career as an author and publisher (most notably of JEMS), and his legal expertise regarding disciplinary and liability issues in EMS. Materials include correspondence; notes, manuscripts, and published material; speeches and scripts; contracts; event brochures, programs, and other ephemera; teaching materials for courses, workshops, seminars and mock trials; and a wide variety of state and federal EMS system plans, memoranda, reports and other literature relating to the administrative, financial, medical, legal, statistical and other aspects of EMS and paramedics services. Also included is a personal scrapbook of Page’s cross-country travels in his restored LA County Fire Department "Rescue 11" truck.

Subseries 1.1: Speeches, Lectures and Workshops. 1973-2003.

Scope and Content

This subseries contains correspondence, contracts, invoices, presentation materials and slides, notes and ephemera, such as brochures and event programs, relating to Page’s speaking and teaching engagements, in a variety of contexts. As an early and active proponent of EMS, Page was invited to speak at (and was sometimes involved in convening) conferences, conventions, symposia, annual meetings, award ceremonies and other regional gatherings across the country; as well, he regularly lectured and taught at seminars, workshops, and traineeship programs, and gave interviews for various programs. These engagements drew on his various areas of expertise, such as firefighting and paramedics, management, legal and disciplinary issues, program development, funding, and other issues related to EMS. Also included are materials relating to his legal work.

Organization and Arrangement

Materials in this subseries are arranged chronologically. Each event is given its own file, and these files are grouped into single-year units, representing all of Page’s engagements for that year. Each year is listed, followed by the date range of the materials associated with events from that year (correspondence, notes, financial agreements and other preparatory documentation). Materials concerning Page’s activities from 1993 to 1996 can be found in the ACT Foundation lecture materials in Series 2.1.
For a complete inventory of individual event files and their contents, please consult this PDF document .
Box 1, Folder 1

Material from events in 1974. 1974.

Box 1, Folders 2-7

Material from events in 1975. 1973-1976.

Box 1, Folders 8-22, Box 2, Folders 1-3

Material from events in 1976. 1975-1976.

Box 3, Folders 1-15, Box 2, Folders 4-35

Material from events in 1977. 1976-1978.

Box 3, Folders 16-39, Box 4, Folders 1-34

Material from events in 1978. 1977-1979.

Box 5, Folders 1-36, Box 6, Folders 1-14, Box 4, Folders 35-41

Material from events in 1979. 1974-1979.

Box 7, Folders 1-33, Box 6, Folders 15-29

Material from events in 1980. 1979-1981.

Box 7, Folder 34-36, Box 9, Folders 1-11, Box 8, Folders 1-25

Material from events in 1981. 1980-1982.

Box 9, Folders 12-32, Box 10, Folders 1-27

Material from events in 1982. 1979-1983.

Box 12, Folders 1-9, Box 11, Folders 1-28, Box 10, Folders 28-35

Material from events in 1983. 1978-1984.

Box 12, Folders 10-21, Box 13, Folders 1-10

Material from events in 1984. 1981-1985.

Box 13, Folders 11-22, Box 14, Folders 1-6

Material from events in 1985. 1984-1985.

Box 14, Folders 7-28

Material from events in 1986. 1985-1896.

Box 14, Folders 29-31, Box 15, Folders 1-29, Box 16, Folders 1-2

Material from events in 1987. 1986-1987.

Box 16, Folders 3-24, Box 17, Folders 1-5

Material from events in 1988. 1987-1989.

Box 17, Folders 6-24, Box 18, Folders 1-9

Material from events in 1989. 1982-1990.

Box 19, Folders 1-19, Box 18, Folders 10-28

Material from events in 1990. 1989-1991.

Box 19, Folders 20-28, Box 21, Folders 1-8, Box 20, Folders 1-25

Material from events in 1991. 1990-1992.

Box 21, Folders 9-26, Box 22, Folders 1-16, Box 23, Folders 1-3

Material from events in 1992. 1991-1993.

Box 24, Folders 1-4, Box 23, Folders 4-19

Material from events in 1996. 1996.

Box 24, Folders 5-17, Box 25, Folders 1-7

Material from events in 1997. 1996-1998.

Box 25, Folders 8-22, Box 26, Folders 1-14

Material from events in 1998. 1998-1999.

Box 27, Folders 1-20, Box 26, Folders 15-23

Material from events in 1999. 1999.

Box 27, Folders 21-33, Box 28, Folders 1-16

Material from events in 2000. 1999-2000.

Box 29, Folders 1-12, Box 28, Folders 17-26

Material from events in 2001. 2000-2001.

Box 29, Folders 13-20, Box 30, Folders 1-22

Material from events in 2002. 2002.

Box 31, Folders 1-25, Box 30, Folders 23-25

Material from events in 2003. 2002-2003.


Subseries 1.2: Desk files and personal papers. 1949-2004.

Scope and Content

This subseries contains files that Page chose to keep at hand, filed in his desk and adjacent cabinet, rather than with his ACT materials, speeches, or library collection. They are generated as a result of the various aspects of Page’s professional endeavors. Included are notes, correspondence, proposals and coursework from Page’s LACoFD days; scripts and treatments for television programs; course syllabi, curricula and lecture materials; articles, notes, correspondence and other documentation relating to Page’s work as both an individual author and as editor of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) and its affiliated publications; writing, slides and scripts for mock trials and other legal lectures and presentations; and material from various events and newsletter subscriptions. Also included is a personal scrapbook documenting Page’s cross-country journey in his restored LA County Fire Department "Rescue 11" truck.

Organization and Arrangement

For a more extensive inventory of file contents, please consult this PDF document .
Box 37, Folder 1

EMS training program proposal for Kuwait (Page and Henderson). 1980-1983.

Box 37, Folder 2

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): Submission proposal for 1985 Fire Almanac. 1984.

Box 37, Folder 3

Trauma centers: planning and legislation. 1980-1981.

Box 37, Folder 4

ACT Foundation dissolution official documentation. 1983-1894.

Box 37, Folder 5

National study of paramedic law and policy (conducted by JOP). 1975-1976.

Box 37, Folder 6

Published manuscripts and articles. 1974-1980.

Box 37, Folder 7

National Burn Victim Foundation materials. 1975-1991.

Box 37, Folder 8

Western New York Critical Care Transfer Network agreement. undated.

Box 37, Folder 9

Notes for Navy publication idea. undated.

Box 37, Folder 10

Emergency Product News: correspondence and documentation. 1979.

Box 37, Folder 11

Fire Management Review newsletter. 1978.

Box 37, Folder 12

Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA): description of curriculum modules. undated.

Box 37, Folder 13

AUPHA curriculum module: Personnel Management Strategies for the EMS Systems Administrator. 1976.

Box 37, Folder 14

AUPHA: Syllabus on EMS legal issues, developed by JOP for EMS Education Project, Florida International University. circa 1976.

Box 37, Folder 15

ACT Board of Directors communications. 1982-1983.

Box 37, Folder 16

AUPHA: materials for JOP's EMS service planning course. 1975-1977.

Box 37, Folder 17

ACT Foundation EMS Action newsletters. 1977-1979.

Box 38, Folder 1

AUPHA: EMS Manpower and Training curriculum module, developed by JOP. 1976.

Box 38, Folder 2

US General Accounting Office (GAO) report on EMS Systems Act of 1973, commentary by JOP. 1976.

Box 38, Folder 3

LA County Paramedic Program proposal, research and correspondence. 1977-1978.

Box 38, Folder 4

University of Pennsylvania: EMS Administration course by JOP, materials and correspondence. 1975.

Box 38, Folder 5

North Carolina Conference on Highway Safety program (presentation by JOP). 1974.

Box 38, Folder 6

Paramedics International: articles, proposals and correspondence. 1976-1977.

Box 38, Folder 7

National Committee for Emergency Coronary Care (ACT Foundation). 1976-1977.

Box 38, Folder 8

Emergency Medical Services Administrators Association (EMSAA). 1974-1977.

Box 38, Folder 9

EMS Systems Act: annual lists of grantees. 1975-1977.

Box 38, Folder 10

Lakes Area Emergency Medical System council. 1974-1977.

Box 38, Folder 11

Involvement in search and interview committee for position of Fire Captain, City of Oceanside, CA. 1984-1987.

Box 38, Folder 12

"Independent Decision-making by EMTs: Implications for Medical Direction of Prehospital Care" manuscript. 1986.

Box 38, Folder 13

EMS Legal Primer pamphlet by JOP, issued through the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS). 1985.

Box 38, Folder 14

California Fire Chiefs Association (CFCA) EMS Section: survey and directory presentation slides. 1986.

Box 39, Folder 1

Ventura County Fire Chief application materials. 1990.

Box 39, Folder 2

"Women in the Fire Service", article by Michael S. Waters. 1986.

Box 39, Folder 3

Huntington Beach ambulance subscription plan. 1987.

Box 39, Folder 4

Newspaper clippings: Carlsbad, Oceanside and San Diego area. 1984-1986.

Box 39, Folder 5

LA County Fire Department: Chief Richard Houts communications. 1970-1971.

Box 39, Folder 6

California Fire Rescue and Paramedic Association induction; testimony for CA Legislature's Select Committee on Fire Services. 1975-1976.

Box 39, Folder 7

International Association of Fire Chiefs materials. 1975-1979.

Box 39, Folder 8

Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS): contributing editors and columnists. 1979-1983.

Box 39, Folder 9

JEMS: background and research materials for published articles. 1979-1980.

Box 39, Folder 10

JEMS: publicity brochures. 1982.

Box 39, Folder 11

JEMS: Editorials. 1979-1983.

Box 40, Folder 1

JEMS: article notes and proposals. 1979-1980.

Box 40, Folder 2

JEMS: defamation case regarding article about Georgia Department of Health Resources (Melvin Goldstein, attorney). 1981-1982.

Box 40, Folder 3

JEMS: Kate Dernocoeur agenda. 1981.

Box 40, Folder 4

JEMS: National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) bid for publication. 1981.

Box 40, Folder 5

JEMS: Publisher's Page columns. 1980-1982.

Box 40, Folder 6

JEMS: Sinclair Germaine articles and correspondence. 1979-1980.

Box 40, Folder 7

JEMS: Medico-legal column and correspondence. 1980-1981.

Box 40, Folder 8

"Cavalcade of CPR in North America" informational video script. 1981-1982.

Box 40, Folder 9

Emergency magazine ( JEMS publication): documentation and correspondence. 1982-1983.

Box 40, Folders 10-16

Tables of contents: Journals: EMS. 1972-1983.

Box 40, Folders 17-20, Box 41, Folders 1-4

Tables of contents: Journals: Fire. 1973-1983.

Box 41, Folder 5

ACT Foundation: EMS Resource Directory (national). 1982.

Box 41, Folder 6

California Seismic Safety Commission: JOP Presentation titled "Emergency Response". 1983.

Box 41, Folder 7

Jack Webb paramedic film script. undated.

Box 41, Folder 8

Correspondence and fan mail. 1993-1995.

Box 41, Folder 9

Emergency vehicles. 1976.

Box 41, Folder 10

Carlsbad Fire Department: Fire captains management seminar. 1983-1985.

Box 41, Folder 11

California Fire Service EMS platform. 1995.

Box 41, Folder 12

Essentials of Fire Department Customer Service, by Alan V. Brunacini. 1995.

Box 42, Folders 1-5

Speeches: text and notes. 1977-1985.

Box 42, Folders 13-14, Box 43, Folders 1-2

Television projects: scripts and synopses. 1972-1979.

Box 43, Folder 3

Report of Conference of the Officers of Department of Forester and Fire Warden, County of Los Angeles. 1949.

Box 43, Folder 4

Forest Fire Fighting Fundamentals booklet. Issued by US Forest Service. circa 1953.

Box 43, Folder 5

Los Angeles County Fire Department Annual Report, 1956-1957. 1957.

Box 43, Folder 6

Fire Officer's Guide to Leadership, by Walter B. Patterson and Arthur R. Pell. 1967.

Box 43, Folder 8

Notebooks: LA County Fire Department Training Section, "Instructor Teaching Course" notes. 1965.

Box 43, Folder 7

Notebooks: LA County Fire Department recruit training notes. 1959.

Box 43, Folder 9

Fire Captain Indoctrination Work Assignment Sample Reports and Records, submitted by James Page. 1966.

Box 44, Folder 1

"The Story of a Fire Department". LA County Fire Department yearbook. 1975.

Box 44, Folder 2

Los Angeles and Kansas City emergency medical system development research and notes. 1972-1973.

Box 44, Folder 3

Emergency Medical Services Systems Act of 1973 Report to Congress: Legal Barriers to the Effective Delivery of Emergency Medical Services. 1973.

Box 44, Folder 4

Long Beach Emergency Mobile Care System - Data Collection and Analysis Report. 1976-1977.

Box 44, Folders 5-6

National Emergency Medical Services Information Clearinghouse information packets. 1974-1975.

Box 45, Folder 1

Saving Lives with Pre- Hospital Emergency Care (ACT Foundation Publication). 1977.

Box 45, Folder 2

Model State Emergency Medical Services Statute, drafted by James Page. 1977 January.

Box 45, Folder 3

Medico- Legal Implications of Paramedics, by Bradley Hunt Smith (dissertation). 1977 December.

Box 45, Folder 4

Fire Ground Commander seminar. circa 1978.

Box 45, Folder 5

Fire Service/ EMS Program Management Guide for US Fire Administration, project directed by James Page. 1980.

Box 45, Folder 6

US Fire Administration "Born of Necessity" EMS Management Seminar materials. 1980.

Box 45, Folder 7

Management of EMS for the Fire Service. National Fire Academy Student Workbook.. circa 1980.

Box 45, Folder 8

ACT Foundation "EMS Today" conference evaluation forms. 1982 October.

Box 46, Folder 1

Legal Issues in EMT: writings and mock trial materials. 1983-1984.

Box 46, Folder 2

Materials for "Fire Company Management & Operations" course taught by Page at East Los Angeles College. 1987-1989.

Box 46, Folder 3

EMS Supervisor Training Program course materials. 1987.

Box 46, Folder 4

JEMS Communications Inventory Listing. 1991.

Box 46, Folder 5

Advanced Life Support Field Manual. Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency.. 1992.

Box 46, Folder 6

Bill Atkinson doctoral dissertation and dissertation committee materials. 1995.

Box 47, Folder 1

1996 Paramedic Investigations Workshop. California Health and Welfare Agency EMS Authority.. 1996 November.

Box 47, Folder 2

Fire Company Officer Development lecture text. 1996 November.

Box 47, Folder 3

EMS privatization issue slides and research. 1996.

Box 47, Folder 4

Utstein Style Research: Cardiac Arrest & Trauma. 1997.

Box 47, Folder 5

California Emergency Medical Services Authority "Paramedic Discipline" seminar materials, led by Page. 1998.

Box 47, Folder 6

1998 Fire Service Leadership Summit. Coordinated by International Association of Fire Chiefs.. 1998 August.

Box 47, Folder 7

Stand By For Response: My Life as a LA County Emergency Paramedic, Louis C. Farah autobiography. circa 1998.

Box 47, Folder 8

The National Workshop for Fire Service EMS Needs: The Rockville Report. 1980.

Box 47, Folder 9

U.S. Fire Administration Resource Exchange Bulletins, June- October 1980; "Role of Women in Fire Service" pamphlet. 1980.

Box 47, Folder 10

James Page. "National Study of Paramedic Law and Policy." NAEMT News. Vol.1, No.2. 1976.

Box 48, Folder 1

International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Green Book chapter by JOP, drafts and research. 1998-2000.

Box 48, Folder 2

Materials for Phoenix Fire Department "Change in the Fire Service" symposium. 2004 January.

Box 48, Folder 3

LA County Department of Health Services Prehospital Care Policy Manual. 2000.

Box 48, Folder 4

Jack Stout "Interface" Columns for JEMS. 1983-1988.

Box 49, Folder 1

Scripts and research for mock trials. 1983-1984.

Box 49, Folder 2

Engagement calendar and presentation materials. 1986-1988.

Box 49, Folder 3

Interview in the Carlsbad Journal. 1985 March 13.

Box 49, Folder 4

CPR Citizen first issue (ACT Publication). 1978.

Box 49, Folder 5

Emergency Care News. Vol.2 No.8. 1976 July.

Box 49, Folder 6

Fire Command! August 1972 and October 1976 issues. 1972-1976.

Box 49, Folder 7

KARA News Kansas Emergency Medical Technicians Association Bimonthly Newsletter. Vol.2, No.6. 1977 May.

Box 49, Folder 8

Lifelines Lakes Area Emergency Medical Services newsletters. Vol.3, No.12 & Vol.4, No. 1,2,5,6. 1976 September -1977 April.

Box 49, Folders 9-11

Emergency Care Information Center Medical 911 Reference Directory and Service. 1991.

Box 64

Personal scrapbook: "Dalmatian Tales (Unabridged, Unexpurgated Edition)". Describing Page's road trip in his 1947 Ford Fire 11 truck. 1997.


Subseries 1.3: Personal library of EMS literature. 1971-1990.

Scope and Content

This subseries represents James Page’s personal library, which contains a diverse body of literature and documentation relating to the development of Emergency Medical Services. Included are journal articles, bulletins, and newsletters; books; state and federal reports, memoranda, legislation, system plans, and implementation strategies; training and recertification manuals, textbooks, workbooks, and examinations; indexes, directories, and bibliographies; press releases and ephemera relating to various public education initiatives; medical studies and EMS statistics; legal studies and relevant casework; communications plans and equipment brochures; administrative literature; conference programs; and funding and grant proposals.

Organization and Arrangement

EMS Library books and documents are numbered according to a system devised by Page. Researchers interested in accessing the documents should first consult the index in Box 50, which will direct them to the relevant numbered documents according to the desired subject. Document ranges are listed for each box, followed by the date ranges of the material.
Though Page used an alphanumeric identification system, its nuances were not apparent in any existing documentation; therefore, we have used a strictly numeric notation below, for the sake of clarity.
The subject list for the library is attached as a PDF document. Please consult this document  to determine whether these subjects are consistent with your areas of interest.
Box 50, Folder 1

Index. 1971-1990.

Box 50

Documents 0000- 0603. 1981-1990.

Box 51

0604- 2934. 1971-1989.

Box 52

2935- 2953. 1977-1988.

Box 53

2954- 2971. 1980-1987.

Box 54

2972- 3654. 1979-1989.

Box 55

3655- 3674. 1984-1988.

Box 56

3675- 3687. 1982-1986.

Box 57

3688-4512. 1982-1988.

Box 58

4513- 4526. 1981-1989.

Box 59

4527- 5636. 1982-1989.

Box 60

5637- 6025. 1979-1988.

Box 61

6026- 6035. 1980-1990.

Box 62

6036- 6055. 1984-1990.

Box 63

6056-6941. 1979-1990.


Series 2: ACT Foundation materials. 1960s-1996.

Scope and Content

The contents of this series encompass the many of the same aspects of Page's work as Series 1, as they were carried out concurrently with or in relation to his directorship of the ACT Foundation. Included are various types of documentation related to his speaking and teaching engagements, and material from the EMS library and rudimentary photographic archive created and compiled by the ACT Foundation during his directorship.

Subseries 2.1: Speeches, Lectures and Projects. 1992-1996.

Scope and Content

This subseries contains correspondence, contracts, invoices, presentation materials and slides, notes and ephemera relating to Page’s speaking and teaching engagements, and material relating to his legal activities collected under the aegis of the ACT Foundation.

Organization and Arrangement

Materials in this subseries are arranged chronologically. These files complete the three- year gap, from 1993 to 1996, in Series 1.1.
Box 32, Folders 1-24, Box 33, Folders 1-12

Material for events in 1993. 1992-1993.

Box 33, Folders 13-20, Box 35, Folders 1-12, Box 34, Folders 1-20

Material for events in 1994. 1993-1994.

Box 36, Folders 1-15, Box 35, Folders 13-22

Material for events in 1995. 1994-1996.


Subseries 2.2: Photographs. 1976-1983.

Scope and Content

These materials represent the beginnings of a photographic archive planned by the ACT Foundation.
Box 42, Folder 6

Foreign EMS (Kuwait). 1980-1983.

Box 42, Folder 7

National Workshop for Fire Service EMS Needs (Rockville Workshop). 1980.

Box 42, Folder 8

Conference on Citizen CPR. undated.

Box 42, Folder 9

ACT Foundation tradeshow booth. undated.

Box 42, Folder 10

Aerial photographs of Dallas apartment house fire. 1979.

Box 42, Folder 11

EMS celebration (City of Bethesda). undated.

Box 42, Folder 12

ACT Board meeting in Basking Ridge, NJ. 1976-1983.


Subseries 2.3: ACT Foundation library of EMS literature. 1960s-1990.

Scope and Content

This subseries represents the ACT Foundation library. The material roughly spans the years of Page’s directorship of the foundation, dropping off sharply in 1983. The ACT library includes journal articles, bulletins, newsletters and newspaper clippings; books; state and federal reports, memoranda, legislation, system plans, and implementation strategies; training and recertification manuals, textbooks, workbooks, and examinations; various types of sample forms; indexes, directories, and bibliographies; press releases and ephemera relating to various public education initiatives; medical studies and EMS statistics; legal studies and relevant casework; communications plans and equipment brochures; administrative literature; conference programs; photographs; Page’s correspondence; and funding and grant proposals.

Organization and Arrangement

EMS Library books and documents are numbered according to a six- digit identification system devised by the ACT Foundation. Document ranges are given for each box, followed by the date range of the materials. Researchers interested in accessing the documents should first consult the library index in Box 64, which will direct them to the relevant numbered documents according to the desired subject, and provide further explanation about this system.
The subjects covered by the materials in this library are listed in the first three pages of the index, which are provided as a PDF. Please consult this document  to determine whether these subjects are consistent with your areas of interest.
Box 64

Index. 1960s-1990.

Box 65

Documents 000001-000139. 1960s-1970s.

Box 66

000140-000255. 1960s-1970s.

Box 67

000256-000400. 1960s-1970s.

Box 68

000401-000570. 1960s-1970s.

Box 69

000571-000750. 1970s.

Box 70

000751-000830. 1970s.

Box 71

000831-000945. 1970s.

Box 72

000946-001040. 1960s- 1970s.

Box 73

001041-001115. 1970s.

Box 74

001116-001185. 1970s.

Box 75

001186-001205. 1970s.

Box 76

001206-001330. 1970s.

Box 77

001331-001455. 1970s.

Box 78

001456-001610. 1970s-1980s.

Box 79

001611-001837. 1970s-1980s.

Box 80

001838-001944. 1970s-1980s.

Box 81

001945-002018. 1970s-1980s.

Box 82

002019-002065. 1960s-1980s.

Box 83

002066-002145. 1970s-1980s.

Box 84

002146-002226. 1970s-1980s.

Box 85

002227-002290. 1970s-1980s.

Box 86

002291-002370. 1980s.

Box 87

002371-002430. 1970s-1980s.

Box 88

002431-002487. 1970s-1980s.

Box 89

002488-002550. 1970s-1980s.

Box 90

002551-002558/ A-L. 1979-1983.

Box 91

L-P/ 010000- 010690. 1968-1990.

Box 92

010691-011794. 1970s.

Box 93

011795-012260. 1970s-1983.


Series 3: Audiovisual Materials. 1971-2000.

Scope and Content

This series contains commercial recordings (instructional videos), administrative or informational videos, broadcast recordings (television programs, public service announcements, corporate advertisements and marketing videos), and live recordings of conferences and lectures. Some are issued by the ACT Foundation.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Formats include VHS, U-matic, and Betamax cassettes; compact audio cassettes; 1/4- inch open reel audio tape; film stock; and 16mm film reels. Video cassettes (VHS, U-matic and Beta) comprise the majority of this series, and items can be considered as such unless otherwise noted. Some materials may need to be digitized prior to research use. Please contact the reference desk at Library Special Collections for more information.

Organization and Arrangement

Items are listed alphabetically. Broadcast recordings are grouped together, as are live recordings.
Box 96

"A Life in Your Hands" CPR training video (ACT Foundation). 1975.

Box 94

Adult CPR [American Red Cross Video Network]. 1987.

Box 94

Anonymous Hero: An Emergency Medical Dispatcher Training Aid. 1987.

Box 94

Balance and Perspective. Physio- Control Corp. marketing video (narrated by Page). 1992.

Scope and Content

Two- part series: "Team Member Version" and "Comments from EMS Leaders".
Box 94

Be Cool About Fire Safety childrens instructional video by Allstate Insurance. 1996.

Box 95

City of Dallas Consolidated Communications Center. 1997.

Box 95

City of New York Emergency Medical Services monthly videotape. 1995 May.

Box 94

Combative Patient Management for Emergency Responders training program. 2000.

Box 95

CPR: Basic Life Support instructional audio package. 1981.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

3 compact audio cassettes; 3 short film strips (for accompanying visual projection)
Box 96

"CPR Cavalcade" informational video (ACT Foundation). 1982 October.

Scope and Content

4 copies available
Box 94

CPR For Everyone! Basic Life Support and Emergency Choking Procedures. 1987.

Box 94

CPR: You Can Do It!. 1991.

Box 94

Emergency: The First Aid Videotape. 1986.

Scope and Content

2 copies available
Box 94

Emergency: The First Aid Videotape Library. 1989.

Scope and Content

2 copies available
Box 95

EMT Legal Aspects. undated.

Box 94

First Aid: The Video Kit. 1984.

Box 94

Firefighter Combat Challenge. 1997.

Box 94

Hands On! Skills Series: Emergency Vehicle Operations. 1991.

Box 94

"Kiss of Life", by Anthony Don Michael, M.D.. undated.

Box 94

Lessons from the Street: An EMT- Basic Video Series. 1996.

Scope and Content

Two volumes available from a 5- volume set: "Airway Management" and "Communication".
Box 96

"Medico-Legal Aspects of CPR". undated.

Box 95

Paramedic Discipline in California, Tape 1. undated.

Box 94

PTL Training Video [Respironics, Inc.]. undated.

Box 94

The First Responder: Instructional Program in the Use of the Laerdal Pocket Mask [Laerdal Medical Corp.]. undated.

Box 94

The Psychology of Resuscitation, by Ralph Schenefelt. 1982.

Box 94

Toronto Department of Ambulance Services video program, "A Team for Life- The Tiered Response". 1985.

Box 96

Broadcasts: 5-part Ambulance Service series. WKYC-NBC Cleveland.. 1974.

Box 94

Broadcasts: "A Day in the Life of JEMS" marketing video. undated.

Box 94

Broadcasts: A.M. Cleveland interview with Page. 1994 March 11.

Box 94

Broadcasts: "American Medical Response (AMR) Documentation". 20/20. ABC-TV.. undated.

Box 95

Broadcasts: "CPR". America Today.. undated.

Box 94

Broadcasts: "Drive Responsible- Wake Up Tomorrow". Perry Township Fire Department, Ohio. 1999.

Box 95

Broadcasts: Emergency First Aid Video American telecast. 1989.

Scope and Content

8 sequential recordings of the national broadcast, on 13 February 1989, of James Page's Emergency First Aid program, including Page's opening takes.
Box 95

Broadcasts: EMS "Make the Right Call" & P.S.A.. undated.

Box 96

Broadcasts: "Good Day!". 1976 November 23.

Box 96

Broadcasts: "Hair". circa 1971.

Box 94

Broadcasts: "HMOs". Dateline. NBC-TV. 1996 December 3.

Box 94

Broadcasts: Firemed (Paramedic Ambulance Membership, Oregon) sample commercials and PSAs. 1986.

Box 95

Broadcasts: L.A.F.D. Anti- Fireworks Campaign. 1987.

Box 96

Broadcasts: "Life on the Line". WTCG-TV, Atlanta.. undated.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

16 mm film reel
Box 95

Broadcasts: Media Meet, Emergency Medical Service. WNMU-TV 13, Michigan.. 1992 September 11.

Box 94

Broadcasts: Sun Up San Diego KFMB-TV interview with Page. 1990 January 5.

Box 96

Broadcasts: WTVJ Miami Beach. undated.

Box 94

Broadcasts: "We Be Med-Trans" corporate ad, narrated by Page. 1989.

Box 95

Live events: 1st Combined Assembly of NAEMT and CLINCON. Page lecture titled "When Liability Hits Home". 1986 July.

Box 95

Live events: 18th Annual EMS Today Conference, Staying Ahead of the Curve lecture by Page. 2000.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

1 compact audio cassette
Box 95

Live events: Acadian Ambulance 1993 Medic of the Year Luncheon presentation. 1993.

Box 95

Live event: American Ambulance Association Jackson Hole Conference, Ben Hinson lecture. 1994.

Box 96

Live events: Conference on Citizen CPR- Houston, Texas. 1980 May.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

20 compact audio cassettes of recorded proceedings
Box 95

Live events: Huntington Beach City Council meetings. 1993.

Scope and Content

Recorded meetings of the city council on 21 June, 6 July, and 19 July 1993.
Box 95

Live events: "JOP Last Speech". undated.

Box 95

Live events: Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (American Medical Association) Conference. 1989 January.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

4 compact audio cassettes

Scope and Content

Titled as follows: "Tape 1A: The Frog and Princess", "Tape 2A: Awards Presentations", "Tape 5A: Mock Trial", and "Tape 6A: Mock Trial".
Box 95

Live events: Rialto City Council meeting. 1998 June 16.

Box 95

Live events: Sacramento County Board of Supervisors meetings. 1992 November 10- 1993 August 24.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

5 compact audio cassettes

Scope and Content

Recorded meetings and workshops of the Board of Supervisors, from 10 November 1992; 9 March, 9 June, 22 June, and 24 August 1993.
Box 95

Live events: South Carolina law enforcement Decade of Progress, 1980-1990 awards ceremony. 1990.

Scope and Content

2 copies available
Box 95

Live events: Trauma- Shock Lecture by Dr. Trimble. 1989.

Box 96

Live events: Washington D.C. Symposium audio transcript. 1975 June 18.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

1/4-inch open reel audio recording